Libby Sharpe

Libby Sharpe is Senior Curator and Deputy Director at Whanganui Regional Museum where she is responsible for developing and managing the exhibition programme, from conceptual development, research and writing to the community liaison required for each exhibition project. She also leads the policy and operations development and is the Museum’s editor.

Born and bred in Otago, she majored in History at the University of Otago and is a graduate in Museum Studies from Massey University. She has worked with material culture within museums in New Zealand since 1982, interspersed with a four year stint travelling and working overseas, mainly in Europe.

Libby has experienced a range of museum positions throughout her professional life; she started work at Whanganui Regional Museum in 1995 as the Archivist and was active within local and national archives bodies, as well as museum-specific organisations. She has maintained her strong interest in archives and continues to work for and support their development, use, safety and promotion.