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Nau mai! Haere mai!


An Invitation to attend

An introduction to the Memory of the World Programme and Register for Documentary Heritage

Tuesday 17 June 2014 in the Morrison Room, Level One,  Airforce Museum, 45 Harvard Ave, Wigram, Christchurch. The session will run from 1.30 - 4.40 pm and afternoon tea will be provided.


The UNESCO New Zealand Memory of the World Committee is calling for submissions for inscription of documentary heritage materials to the New Zealand register. The submissions are invited from archives, libraries, museums and heritage institutions within the wider community and will close on 31 August 2014

Come and hear about the UNESCO Memory of the World and learn if your heritage documents can be part of this unique programme.  Convenors: Dianne Macaskill and Jill Durney of the New Zealand Memory of the World Committee will explain the programme’s background and criteria for inscriptions on the register.

The session will introduce and familiarise heritage organisations with the UNESCO Memory of the World New Zealand Programme. You will have the opportunity to talk to the committee members about your documentary heritage items that may meet the criteria for inscription. You will be shown how to prepare submissions for the New Zealand Register.


To register for the introductory session please email "enquiries@unescomow.org.nz" with your name, organisation and contact phone number by Tuesday 10 June.


See our latest newsletter

Call for Inscriptions for 2014

As an independent organisation, UNESCO raises public recognition of the value and significance of documentary heritage inscribed on the Memory of the World register, together with the work performed by libraries, archives and museums in caring for this valuable heritage. Promotion and publicity that is part of the inscription process contributes to ensuring our nation’s history and stories are not forgotten.  Now is the time for our museums, archives and libraries to look into their holdings for the heritage documents that could meet the criteria for inscription.

August 2014 marks 100 years since the beginning of World War One (1914-18). Over the next four years the focus for many of us will be on this highly significant period of time.  The Memory of the World Committee anticipates submissions for the register will include items of importance to New Zealand during that time.  We also look forward to receiving submissions on documentary heritage of importance to other periods of our history.

Submissions to the register will close on 31 August 2014 and successful inscriptions will be announced later in the year.

The criteria for inscription and the process for submission (including a nomination form) can be found under the “Nomination” tab above.  If you are uncertain whether your documentary heritage meets the criteria or have any questions please email enquiries@unescomow.org.nz and a member of the Committee will contact you.

Documentary heritage reflects the diversity of languages, peoples and cultures. It is the mirror of the world and its memory. But this memory is fragile. Every day, irreplaceable parts of this memory disappear for ever

The New Zealand Memory of the World Programme raises the profile of the importance of New Zealand's documentary heritage. It highlights the value of documentary heritage for understanding the New Zealand experience, and supports economic growth and transnational links.

Advantages of Inscription on the New Zealand/Aotearoa Memory of the World Register are:

  • Ensure that our history and our stories are not forgotten
  • Highlight the significance of the information /knowledge contained in collections
  • Recognition by an independent organisation (UNESCO)
  • Public recognition of the importance of documentary heritage
  • Publicity and promotion for your institution
  • Increased possibility of attracting resources (to care for, preserve and promote the collection)
  • Raised awareness of the work done by custodians of documentary heritage

The New Zealand Memory of the World Programme is grateful for the support of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO.