Māori Land Court Minute Books

  • Registration number: 7
  • Year of registration: 2012
  • Location: Archives New Zealand, Wellington

Further information: Archives New Zealand

The Māori Land Court minute books, 1862-1900, are a record of the hearings and evidence given to establish the Native Land Court titles across New Zealand. They record tribal history, whakapapa (genealogy) and evidence of iwi/hapu (tribes and sub-tribes) use and occupation of land.

"The minute books are a unique archival source for the indigenous Māori people of  New Zealand. They are a repository of the oral tribal histories and whakapapa of  most of New Zealand's Māori tribes, recorded at hearings in the nineteenth and  twentieth centuries by Native (later Māori) Land Court clerks. Without this unique  source, much tribal history and traditional knowledge would have been lost."

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