PCANZ Deaconess Collection

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: 35

Year of registration: 2018


Presbyterian Research Centre

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, Knox College

Image: Sr Mary McQueen and Sr Evelyn Mcadam with three of the children that they had taken in at their lodgings in George St., Dunedin.

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The PCANZ Deaconess Collection shines a light on a group of New Zealand women, who over 75 years served many of New Zealand’s poor and vulnerable, young and old, churches and communities, yet to this day receive very limited lasting recognition.

The collection documents the life and work of 175 New Zealand women from 1901-1975. Deaconesses were an order for women in the Presbyterian Church and although their training was almost identical to Ministry training, they were not ordained. Their service was to the Presbyterian church and to the wider community.

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Collection information, see page 7, "Award for Deaconess Collection".

Watch Rachel Hurd and Jane Thomsen from the Presbyterian Research Centre talk about the Collection.