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Each international, regional or national register, is based on criteria for assessing the significance of documentary heritage, and assessing whether its influence was global, regional or national. The following criteria are adapted from the International Register.

There can be no absolute measure of cultural significance. There is no fixed point at which documentary heritage qualifies for inclusion in the New Zealand register. Selection for inclusion in the New Zealand Register will be a result of assessing the heritage item on its own merits against the selection criteria, against the tenor of the General Guidelines, and in the context of other items already either included or rejected.

The New Zealand Memory of the World Committee must be satisfied that the nominated item or items is of outstanding New Zealand significance. That is, there must be demonstrated evidence of historic, aesthetic or community significance; not necessarily all of these, but at least one of them.

The first step in determining significance is to compile all available information about the documentary heritage item or collection you wish to nominate. This includes all information relating to its provenance and the background to its creation. You should also investigate comparative examples to determine if your item or collection is rare or unique, is strongly representative of a particular material form or relates to a strong historical theme. Once you have compiled this information you are ready to determine the item or collection's significance.

Selection of Items for the New Zealand Memory of the World Register

To be selected for registration on the New Zealand Memory of the World Register the documentary heritage should possess some of the following characteristics:

Definition of Documentary Heritage

For the purposes of the Memory of the World Programme, documentary heritage is defined as comprising items which are:

A document is deemed to have two components: the information content and the carrier on which the information resides.
Some examples of documents are film, discs, tapes, paper and digital records, manuscripts, photos and posters.

Primary criteria for Assessment

There must be demonstrated evidence of historic, aesthetic, or community significance – not necessarily all of these, but at least one of them.

1. Historic significance
An item or collection of documentary heritage may be historically significant for its association with people, events, places and themes. It may relate to famous individuals, groups or social movements, or to significant social and cultural change. Historic significance is the most common significance for documentary heritage collections. 
Examples: Treaty Of Waitangi (International Memory of the World Register), Women’s Suffrage Petition (International Memory of the World Register , Tokyo War Crime Trials 1946-1948 (Asia Pacific Memory of the World Register). Refer to the New Zealand Register.

2. Aesthetic significance
An item or collection of documentary heritage may have outstanding aesthetic, stylistic or linguistic significance. It can also be a typical or key exemplar of a type of presentation, custom or medium, or of a former or disappearing carrier or format. An item or collection of documentary heritage may be aesthetically significant for its beauty, craftsmanship, style, technical excellence, demonstration of skill and quality of design and execution.
Example: The Walter Burley and Marion Mahony Griffin Design Drawings of the City of Canberra (Australian Memory of the World Register).

3. Community significance
Items or collections of documentary heritage may be held in high esteem by a particular community. This is shown when a community demonstrates strong affection for the documentary heritage because it contributes to the community’s identity and social cohesion.
Example: Mabo Case Papers (Australian Memory of the World Register).