Nomination Form

Download the nomination form as a Word file.

Assessment process

Each member of the Assessment Sub-Committee is supplied with copies of all nominations for assessment against the criteria. Expert opinion is sought where necessary from those who are familiar with the subject matter of specific nominations. These opinions and assessments are then compared and discussed at a meeting of the Sub-Committee, which recommends the nominations to be inscribed on the New Zealand Memory of the World Register to the New Zealand Memory of the World Committee. The final decision to inscribe nominated documentary heritage rests with the full New Zealand Memory of the World Committee.

Open-ended collections and format changes

The International Advisory Committee of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, meeting in Vienna in 1999, made the following ruling on open-ended collections and format change for audiovisual (and by implication), digital records: "There cannot be 'open-ended' nominations: all proposals must relate to fixed and finite documents or groups of documents. Once added to the Register, the document group cannot be varied or redefined over time.”

Joint Collections

Collections which are owned or in the custody of more than one person or institution must be bought together with the permission of all owners and custodians of the items. Part collections will not be accepted for inscription on the New Zealand Memory of the World Register.


The New Zealand Memory of the World Committee will follow a robust  process  to ensure that the most significant documentary heritage is put on  the New Zealand Memory of the World Register. New Zealand will draw on the Australian experience to ensure that the process of assessment is transparent and as 'user-friendly' as possible. The criteria are consistent with those published by UNESCO and may be adapted over time to take account of the New Zealand environment.

Closing date for receipt of nominations and other information

See key dates for dates related to the current submission round.

Removal from New Zealand Register

Documentary heritage may be removed from the register in cases where it has deteriorated, or its integrity has been compromised, to the extent that it no longer meets the criteria on which its inscription was based.
Removal may also be justified if new information causes a reassessment of the registration and demonstrates its non-eligibility.

Advice from Experts

The New Zealand Memory of the World Committee reserves the right to consult with experts on any nominations to the Memory of the World register.