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Memory of the World New Zealand Calls for Nominations to the Register for 2018

The Memory of the World New Zealand Trust is calling for nominations for new inscriptions to the New Zealand register.  To make a nomination please complete the Nomination form and send it as a Word file to "enquiries@unescomow.org.nz" by 31 August 2018.

This year we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Petition that resulted in New Zealand being the first country to give women the vote.  The Petition was inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World International Register in 1997 and New Zealand Register in 2010.

The Memory of the World Committee anticipates receiving submissions of documentary heritage significant to the lives, work and achievements of women in New Zealand over the years.  We also look forward to receiving submissions on documentary heritage of importance to other periods of our history.  The Trust is aware of several documentary heritage collections that have a Science theme. The Trust welcomes nominations from institutions holding these collections.

The Memory of the World New Zealand register now lists 27 inscriptions of significant documentary heritage.  Their custodians include heritage institutions in our main cities, small towns and private collections. All greatly contribute to the story of our nation’s history and heritage and are significant to the identity of New Zealanders today.

Advantages of inscription on the New Zealand/Aotearoa MOW register include:

  • Ensuring that our history and our stories are not forgotten
  • Highlighting the significance of the information /knowledge contained in collections
  • Recognition by an independent organisation (UNESCO)
  • Public recognition of the importance of documentary heritage
  • Publicity and promotion for your institution
  • To be part of an international network of the most important documentary heritage in the world
  • Increased possibility of attracting resources (to care for, preserve and promote the collection)
  • Raised awareness of the work done by custodians of documentary heritage

The criteria for inscription and the process for submission (including a nomination form) can be found under the “Nomination” tab above.  If you are uncertain whether your documentary heritage meets the criteria or have any questions please email "enquiries@unescomow.org.nz" and a member of the Committee will contact you.